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Limiting # of Chats While Active

It would be wonderful to be able to limit the number of chats a person can have on the go at one time. (ie. set a maximum number of chats per user.)

Our team, in particular, is small and has other things on the go while on chats, but we have a high volume of tickets/chats. It would be nice to be able to limit so our customers are then experiencing extreme wait times. 

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I have never know a chat application without the ability to limit chats. This would be an excellent feature. This relieves the pressure from our agents. 

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This feature is very much needed. When large numbers of chats are coming in reps don't always have the time to set themselves away when they reach capacity. 

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Commenting on behalf of a customer who is requesting the same feature.
"This feature would greatly assist in our chat lines as we typically have a lot of incoming chats all at once. The assigned chats begin to pile up between us all and we end up having to work on 30 chats all at once for each person which is a daunting task. We normally make ourselves "unavailable" which is bad for our productivity rates. However is necessary in properly assisting all customers at once. I would like to know if there is a way to possibly limit to approximately 3 incoming chats per chat agent."


2 years, 23 replies and still no action? Says a lot about HubSpot's product team.