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Limiting # of Chats While Active

It would be wonderful to be able to limit the number of chats a person can have on the go at one time. (ie. set a maximum number of chats per user.)

Our team, in particular, is small and has other things on the go while on chats, but we have a high volume of tickets/chats. It would be nice to be able to limit so our customers are then experiencing extreme wait times. 

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I agree. We need the same thing. 

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Yes, many of our clients could benefit from this as well. Great idea!


This is really important. 


100% Please.


This really needs to be implemented.  Smaller groups are often balancing many things and having the option to have customers wait with maybe a counter for their place in line is crucual.


This is very useful to us and is especially critical when on a lean shift, only one agent is staffed and we suddenly get a barrage of live chats. 


This is a super great idea. This is available on Zendesk and it is one of the main features we would go back for.


This is a great idea. I'd love to have a setting that each agent could change according to the needs: if a current chat is easy to handle or is coming to an end, an agent can increase the number, or decrease it when it's needed.



Additionally if we could base that limitation with workflows it would be awesome.

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Support rep upvoting on behalf of a customer!


Thanks for adding your voices AVO, Gus and jfreeley!


There are so many other applications that offer this. This is crucial to ensure that customers, get the full attention they need. 

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Hi there! I'm Tilly, a product manager on HubSpot's Service Hub team. Thank you so much for the feedback around this idea. Given other features that are currently in development and in planning, this is not prioritized at the moment. That said, please continue to upvote and comment on the idea -- we will look to address it in the future and will post updates here on any future plans. Thanks!


This would be great. Actually the features that you have within your own help functionality would be great. So if agents are too busy/ all occupied, the customer will receive an auto message and will be able to send an email instead. 


Agreed this is a much-needed feature.  Other industry-leading softwares have this feature and/or a "wait list" / que where users can wait in line for the next available person.  We lack both.  As customers come to us more frequently from other  tools that have these capabilities, they are disappointed to learn that we have no solution. This should have been considered in the initial roll out of service hub.  I hope that it makes it onto the roadmap soon!


100% agree with what's told above. Other chats (like Zendesk etc) offer the option to add people to a wait list / queue, so this would be so beneficial for our support teams. I was surprised to find out this is not available, so I really hope this gets added to the product asap!


Shocking to me that for such a "customer oriented" "Inbound" company they've not made this a simple feature. It's really easy.


Set number of chats available for all available users, once you hit that number, hide the chat feature on the site. Sure, you can build it out more than that, but the basic functionality will change business. We're literally struggling with dozens of chats and ONE representative.


Make this happen, HubSpot.


This is definitely key functionality for any team handling multiple chats. We really need the ability to set the amount of chats to replace other chat platforms. 


Esta es una función bastante necesaria en la herramienta ya que podemos hacerle saber al cliente que a pesar de haber una fila de espera lo vamos a atender.

En nuestro caso, esto nos ha afectado en nuestro TMO ya que pueden ingresar hasta 15 chats al tiempo a un solo agente lo cual es muy complicado para que podamos cumplir con tiempos de respuesta y dar una buena experiencia de servicio.

Esta propiesta lleva 1 año, espero la puedan gestionar pronto.


The current way to limit the number of chats by having to set your status to "Away" is very clumsy and difficult for an agent. The ablility to have chats wait "in que" is an indsutry standard with chat and a much better expersince for both the agent and customer. Please make this available.