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Limiting Permissions by Pipeline

My company has a workflow that requires one side of the company (claim specalists) to deal with sensitive information of individuals (under contacts) and the other side of the company (sales) to work with companies and contacts to partner with our company.   While the claims side needs to be set to private to whoever is working the account, the sales side idealy needs to be able to see everything but the contacts that are in the claim pipeline.  

It would be great to have a permission setting that would allow for the sales side to see all the sales relevent contacts, yet not be able to see the individuals filing claims. 

March 17, 2021 08:09 AM

Hey HubSpot community, 


A bit of an update here. We have a small private beta going for pipeline permission. If you filled out this form prior to the 17th of March, you should now have access to the feature. You should also receive an email notifying you that access has been granted. We are hungry for feedback on how to improve the feature, so please reply to the email with questions and feedback. 


If you fill out the form after the 17th, we will add you to the beta in the coming days.

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February 24, 2021 07:30 AM

Hey HubSpot community, 


Excited news. Pipeline permissions is in private beta. We are giving early access to portals, at the appropriate tier, who filled out this form. If you provided contact information in the form, you will recieve an email once your portal has been granted access to the feature. 


Again, thanks for the continued feedback, HubSpot community.  

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January 25, 2021 06:43 AM

Hello HubSpot Community


Thank you for your incredible patience here. The team is happy to announce that we will be releasing pipeline permissions, which will allow admins to grant/restrict pipeline access by users and teams, to private beta shortly. If you have any professional or enterprise plan and would like to get early access to this feature, please fill out this form.


June 17, 2020 07:28 AM

@blawlorSJ thanks for the quick feedback. We are working on defining pipeline permissions. In our use case, should everyone with access to the Tech Support pipeline have the permission to edit the pipeline--i.e. make changes to the tickets. In other words, do you have team members who should see the Tech Support pipeline but not have access to edit it?


@JenD1 Thank you for the feedback. 


@dge Thank you for the illustration. Do you need to allow users who have edit acess to a pipeline to view other pipelines but not edit?  

June 17, 2020 06:54 AM



Thank you for submitting the idea. Im a PM at HubSpot and the idea you submitted is aligned with a plan the team is currently working on.  


As I understand your request: you need to be able to give your sales team access to their sales pipelines while restricting their access to the claims pipelines. Is this correct? Do you have a need to allow the claims team to see the sales pipelines but not edit them? The product team is seeking to validate how common is the use case of granting one user/team edit access in pipeline A, for exampe, while granting view only access in pipeline B. 



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We need this feature too. We want the Contacts and Companies to be universally viewable for all of our users, but only allow a user to see their own communications, tasks, and deals.

Mitglied | Elite Partner

Yes, please add the functionality for limiting who has access to a specific pipeline. This is crucial for companies with sales departments that work in different countries and who need to make sure that information is entered into the correct pipeline.


I agree with everyone. My company just switched over from Pipedrive to Hubspot for all the amazing automation features. We have an outsourced sales company and we work with a lot of different clients, each requiring their own separate pipeline so we need to be able to limit viewing of leads to only that specific client. I'm surprised this isn't already an option. My clients shouldn't be able to see other client's leads and private information. Please keep me posted on if this can happen soon preferably by Jan 2019 otherwise it's a deal breaker and we will need to cancel our Sales Professional account.


Agree as well. This is an extremely important feature to have. We have outsourced our sales processes and even though we and our sales partner both use HubSpot, they are not able to give us insight in their pipelines. Right now we can only get access to deals that are relevant to us. This doesn't provide us the overview we want and restricts us from using the automation features properly for which HubSpot is so well-known. 




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Great idea, I hope this is addressed together with the other advances made separating assets in enterprise portals (contacts, web pages, etc)


It is CRAZY that we can't set up different pipelines for services and sales. What on earth is going on??


Absolutely necessary. We would like to separate the respective deals of each Sales Manager while having a global view of all deals for the Sales Director. 


Agree, strong need to have certain users not see the big deals and sales channels that do not relate to them, please buil dability to restrict by pipeline or at least make the teams feature editable on contacts, not inherited from the owner


Really needed!






Totally agree. There is definitely a need for this as our sales, and various support teams should be restricted to view only their projects they are working on. Just like the inboxes,  contacts and companies, tickets should have the ability to limit what users have access to view/edit these -WITHOUT the necessity to ASSIGN all tickets. 


Hi there,

this would represent a clear improvement in our privacy model.


It could be great that each team has the access ONLY to their pipelines, instead of being able to check the other's pipelines, even if they can't see the deals.



We love pipelines. They would be an even better tool if we could give specfic users the ability to see different pipelines, on a pipeline to pipeline basis. 


An example: We have one pipeline in Service Hub for our Tech Support. We have another pipeline for our GDPR requests. We have a third pipeline that helps us track feedback/complaints for ISO. Some users shouldn't have access to all three pipelines when their main responsibility is tech support.




Yes, why is this still something that hasn't been resolved. We absolutely need permissions at pipeline level.


Absolutely need this.




I seem this request from 2017 and still not be implemented Smiley (wütend)

HubSpot Employee

Would love to see this feature! 


Really needed!