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Limiting Permissions by Pipeline

My company has a workflow that requires one side of the company (claim specalists) to deal with sensitive information of individuals (under contacts) and the other side of the company (sales) to work with companies and contacts to partner with our company.   While the claims side needs to be set to private to whoever is working the account, the sales side idealy needs to be able to see everything but the contacts that are in the claim pipeline.  

It would be great to have a permission setting that would allow for the sales side to see all the sales relevent contacts, yet not be able to see the individuals filing claims. 

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@roisinkirby Was this ever submitted as an idea? Your link at the top only goes to the ideas listing page. I'd like to vote for this. 

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I think many customers would benefit from more flexibile permissions sets, including ones where you could restrict object viewing by pipeline rather than ownership. Thanks!


I would like too.


Lot of my projects would benefit of it


This is  critical need for us, we have world wide teams that in some cases are competing for the same business, even being able to see the title of their competitors pipeline would provoke security questions. I have yet to test but the fact they could mistakenly enter a deal into not just the incorrect pipeline but a competitors  becasue permissiona only set as can see all their team or their own deals doesn't prohibit them accessing and mistakenly entering a deal in the wrong pipeline.

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Any updates/ETA on this idea? 


This is a must for our company, different departments have different needs, along with management level pipelines.

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For enterprise clients that have multiple national divisions or international divisions, pipelines can vary by region.  It's silly that we couldn't have a team-based setting to restrict viewing the various other pipelines that may not be relevant to a team.  At the moment no options to have that level of permission settings.  This is a must for many users with various sales pipelines.   I'm new at using the ideas section so I hope I am providing my feedback in the right spot.   Cheers


Our business also has different divisions all with different pipelines and it is not necessary, or sometime apporpriate, for all users to be able to see all the other division pipelines. Limiting access by user to certain pipelines is required.






Voting on this feature - granting specific permissions by pipeline is crucial if you are to maximize your use of the platform. Disappointing that this feature has been commented on for three years without much progress!


The lack of this feature, or any workaround means as we grow, we will be forced to leave HS for Zendesk or another mature solution. 


The inability to perform full text search on ServiceHub tickets is another reason we will be forced to go elsewhere.


HS is very sales and marketing focused, so perhaps we made a mistake when we selected it.  We need a much more robust "service" solution.


It will be so useful..

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Yes, this would be very helpful. Hard to do by teams if they belong to multiple teams. 


It is unbeliavable that this thread has been opened for 3 years and there still isn't any workaround or official answer from the HS team...


si, esto es algo muy importe ya que en mi casa tengo diferentes tipos de asesores de ventas, y cada modelo requiere pipelines 


Would very much like this feature to be added. It would vastly improve the functionality of the deals function especially with a team that has many users.


hi guys... please add this feature.

Would be very helpful for all of us!

HubSpot Product Team

Hello HubSpot Community


Thank you for your incredible patience here. The team is happy to announce that we will be releasing pipeline permissions, which will allow admins to grant/restrict pipeline access by users and teams, to private beta shortly. If you have any professional or enterprise plan and would like to get early access to this feature, please fill out this form.



Yes! We do not need certain departments viewing data for pipelines they have no connection with.