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Limiting Permissions by Pipeline

My company has a workflow that requires one side of the company (claim specalists) to deal with sensitive information of individuals (under contacts) and the other side of the company (sales) to work with companies and contacts to partner with our company.   While the claims side needs to be set to private to whoever is working the account, the sales side idealy needs to be able to see everything but the contacts that are in the claim pipeline.  

It would be great to have a permission setting that would allow for the sales side to see all the sales relevent contacts, yet not be able to see the individuals filing claims. 

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Is it possible to restrict permissione to a user so that he only sees the Pipeline I want?





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Hello @MS here is a comprehensive guide on HubSpot's User Roles & Permissions - I'd reccommend bookmarking this for future reference


For reference here is a brief breakdown:


Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 15.13.25.png


Please note: Users with a View permissions setting of Owned Only will only be presented with contact records for which they are assigned as the HubSpot Owner within the Contacts dashboard, All Contacts, and Lists in the Sales and Marketing product; however, they can still view a contact that is not owned by them if they are sent a direct link to the contact. 

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Reviewing the above, it is not possible to restrict users by specific pipelines, but I would reccommend post things as feature request on oir Ideas Forum:


Absolutely, this would be an incredibly useful feature in my company too. We often work with external consultants on specific projects, and it would be really useful to allow them access to just the pipeline we are working on with them. We could then also allow clients visibility of the pipeline we are working on for them, so they can see our progress (although those we'd like to be able to limit to just viewing the information if possible!)


Agree, this is a feature we would like to see, we have similar requirements.


I think being able to restrict users to specific pipelines is a great idea, and should be considered as a new option. I found this thread looking for answers about the same thing. Thank you-


This would be very useful


Absolutely! It's weird how Hotspots is a powerful tool but at the same time limited with so many basic features. It amazes me Hubspot limitations.


I wouldn't consider this issue solved (IMHO...).


It is scary to me that any CRM user can view anyone else's dashboard in Hubspot Sales.

This has huge privacy issues with lower-level users being able to see my Dashboard and all sales and financial data.

Ummm....this is a huge oversight.


The workarounds are:

1. Not have any dashboards or reporting (not really a good idea...)

2. Disable user from Hubspot CRM access (what's the point then of a CRM if users can't use it?)

3. Restrict access to only contacts OWNED - this is a huge kludgey workaround and hides critical financial information from a Dashboard but doesn't hide the Dashboard and doesn't allow a CRM user to view/edit contacts they don't own but may need to interact with on behalf of some other CRM user.



Please give the ability to have Dashboard Permissions!

Not everyone in the company should have access/visibility into everyone else's charts, graphs, financial pipelines and deals...


We hold these truths to be self-evident.






This would definitely be a great feature. I've been also using the CRM for managing our recruiting pipeline and it would be awkward to then have the people we hire view info and notes on the rest of the candidates. 


Our B2B2B company has seperate pipelines for selling product lines, partners, customer research, and fundraising - so limiting pipeline access by team would be a very beneficial feature for us and I suspect many organizations that want to centralize such activities and analysis.


Absolutely there is a need for this. 


We have also need for this, managing country specific pipelines. Please implement pipeline specific access control. Thanks in advance!


I like HubSpot, but the lack of access control here forces you to consider other tools. In a company where there are more sales people you will likely need access control. Quite bad that this is not implemented, which is there in many other tools. 


This feature is totally what we need.  Please work on access controls, quickly!!!


Here is why: I my company we deal with sales to clients and with investors that we keep relations with. For both we have a pipeline: Sales and Investores.


I don't want my sales team to be able to read through the contacts and companies from the investment side. So they should not see the contacts, deals etc. which I own. Ont the other hand I also deal with our top clients from the sales side. Here I do want my sales team to be able to thecontacts, deals etc. which I own.


With the current set of access permissions there is no solution for this. 

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We really need this as well.


We really need this as well.


We could use this feature as well. Please consider


This would represent a huge feature or functionality that my company would love to use. We too would like to separate our deal flow pipeline from our potential investment or capital pipeline or even when dealing with customers that could potentially be sensitive (government, healthcare, defense). Thanks for considering. 

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Hardly needed feature !