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Limited customisation for sales email

We offer support package products on a renewals basis and when its time for our clients to renew their support, we email them a quote and reminder -


But currently the customisation options for Sales email's are not satisfactory - they offer very limited options to create a professional looking email to send out to our clients.


We are subscribed to both Sales and Marketing on Hubspot, Marketing offers you the functionality to create a proffessional email template and it would be nice to have the same level of customisation for Sales also. As we are already subscribed to Marketing, you should be able to use this for Sales also - can you make this possible?


At the moment we are neglecting to email out of Hubspot and choosing instead to go from Outlook instead which is still not ideal for presentation but also removes the level of autonomy we had hoped for with an established Hubspot workflow.


Any plans to address this soon as its a very important feature for us?