Limit workflow actions to weekends

There is currently an option within workflow settings to have actions execute only on business days, but there's some room for more customization there. It would be really useful to add a weekend-only option, or allow customers to manually select which days of the week they would like actions to execute on. 

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I'd like to see a days-of-week option, too.

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Absolutely, and this seems like it would be an easy solution given the options that are currently available.

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I could really use this too. We want to have a follow up email for all of the people that request contact over the weekend to let them know a sales person will contact them on the next business day. I was very surprised to discover that this is not currently possible in Hubspot.

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We desperately need this. We have lots of weekend leads that need to be treated differently to weekday leads. 

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This would also be useful for us. In the case of a contact enrolling over the weekend, there is no method to execute the next task after 2 business days as opposed to just 2 days. 


e.g. A form submission on Saturday, the contact enrolls in a workflow that gives the salesperson 2 days to answer the query prior to them receiving an automated email which apologises for the delayed response 


We would like this to be 2 business days rather than the time beginning from when the form is submitted 

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We need it too!! 

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Yes, we would benefit from this update. 

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This would be hugely beneficial to us - weekend leads are very valuable and more targeted workflows could have a significant impact on the business!

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Would be very beneficial to us too! 

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This would also be very helpful for us (surprisied this still doesn't exist!)