Limit who can create new object records (companies, deals, contacts, etc)


I want my reps to be able to edit records they are assigned to, but not have the ability to create a new record (deal, company or contact). 


With anyone being able to create a record, we deal with duplicates, false information, and skewed data.


When we control the record creation, we can be sure our data is clean and accurate.


As businesses grow and have more and more sales, service or marketing reps, it seems unlikely every single user would be responsible for creating records, or should even be able to create records.


Surprised there is no setting for this in roles and permissions, but would love to see it added in the near future.

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I am also interested in this idea, as we want to our sales team to focus on Companies that are assigned to them, and not allow them to create their own companies as we would be giving them more based on performance. 


This way they do not need to focus on other things like lead generation ect. 

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Hi, commenting for a customer here.

I believe creating a record should have a separate permission from editing.

Sometimes, I would want my users to edit on existing records, but do not want them to mess up the system by creating new records. Would love to have this!