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Limit which users can see account and billing banner notifications

I believe that certain notifications such as billing and account status information (i.e. a notification banner that states "You've used __% of your Marketing Contacts tier" or a banner that states "You've spent $___ out of $30,000 on ads across your connected accounts in the last 30 days.") should only be seen by super admins and/or users with a need to know this information. This will protect the company's financial privacy and avoid unneccessary concerns from other users. 


As of now, it's concerning that all of the users within the portal are able to see these notifications. Adding a feature that limits which users can see account and billing notifications/banners would be very useful.


I agree!

A few times per month all users in my account receive a banner about the Marketing Contacts tier and I can't disable this or even limit which users can see. Every month I need to tell to dozens of people just to ignore a banner. Is really annoying as a CRM Admin to deal with this.


This needs to be fixed ASAP. My entire organization is getting these notifications and it's exposing how many contacts we have in our company database. Our team memebers are independent contractors not employees - regardless though - having account/billing notifications sent to NON-ADMIN users is absoutely unaccetepable. 


I 100% agree this needs to be a feature. As the others have said we have users of all types in our account and not everyone needs to know about billing, technical issues and so on. Admins need to have the ability to select which banner types users see based on their permissions. Some banners; like a HubSpot service outage, would be fine for everyone to see but the others that I have listed are only necessary for a handful of us to see.


It should not be account level information as it is not relevant to users. Secondly it never goes away. We are at 75% of new marketable limit but still it keeps on showing old information.


Agree, this causes unnecessary confusion, and should not be visible to users without billing access or superadmin role. 
At least add the option to disable it.