Limit which deal stage a deal can be created in

It is currently possible to set manadatory properties when moving a deal through a pipeline, and also when first creating a deal.


However, if I create a deal at a later stage in the CRM, the properties set in the pipeline are not mandatory.

It'd be great if I could limit which deal stage a deal can be when creating it through the CRM to ensure that all properties are filled out if need be. 

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HubSpot Employee

This is a great idea --- I'm think it should be implemented as well, to reduce human error when creating deals

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Totally agree with this!


A similar work around that is needed is the ability to require specific properties based on the specific pipeline/deal stage when creating a new dea. So if a deal requires different properties depending on the pipeline and/or deal stage it will be in, we can customize the default fields per pipeline from the first pop up window .