Limit number of active chats a user can have

The routing settings for messages are getting better all the time, however, there are some settings/options that other messaging tools provide that are not yet implemented in HubSpot's Messaging tool.  


One is the ability to limit the number of active conversations a single representative can handle at a given time. This feature is critical in ensuring that both sales representatives and end users have a positive experience using the Messaging tool (reps don't get overwhelmed, and customers aren't left hanging waiting for a response from a busy rep).  

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HubSpot Product Team
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Hey @lindsayroseryan! We track all these ideas separately, so I'm going to make this idea specifically for the first thing you mentioned. You already have an idea filed for the third, so could you file a new separate post for the second (routing by time of day, etc.)?

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I completely agree. Upvote!