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Limit form submission to a certain number

We'd like to be able to disable a form after a certain number of submissions. 

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April 10, 2017 06:15 AM

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We have a lot of customers using HubSpot for events. These events all have a limit when it comes to participants.

We have to manually keep an eye on the number of participants, which is isn't really working for us or our customers.

We would really need a way of making forms close (showing a text saying the event is full or showing a different form for getting on the reserve list) after a certain amount of submissions. Or when a list reaches a certain number of contacts.

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Must have this option!


Yes, please make the form turn-off triggered automatically once it reaches the limit! Manual updates make my life so hard - I'm not a 24/7 robot! 🤣


Yes please 🙂 


Not just limits on form submissions, but limits on confirmation emails sent before a new email is sent confirming submission, and updating what happened with their submission. 

In our case, the first 50 submissions receive a confirmation that they received a free gift. After 50, every other submission is entered into a raffle.


Yess. Definetly needed!!