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Limit form submission to a certain number

We'd like to be able to disable a form after a certain number of submissions. 

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April 10, 2017 06:15 AM

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We have a lot of customers using HubSpot for events. These events all have a limit when it comes to participants.

We have to manually keep an eye on the number of participants, which is isn't really working for us or our customers.

We would really need a way of making forms close (showing a text saying the event is full or showing a different form for getting on the reserve list) after a certain amount of submissions. Or when a list reaches a certain number of contacts.

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@Hubspot when is this going to be implemented? Considering forms are linked to webinars, events etc it will be very useful to have.

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I also agree that HubSpot should have this implemented. What I thought of doing is to create a Workflow that will send me a notification when the submissions reach a certain amount of number. After that I will manually turn off the form in the landing page and add a note saying we've reached the limit of attendees. 

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My team also needs this. Although one manual workaround for small numbers would be to have the form submissions to be emailed to you via the notification. Under form > options > Send submission email notifications to 'Email address'


This is still manual, but you could save the emails into an email folder to monitor submission numbers

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I found other users voicing out this feature as well. It should be pretty helpful for event management too. Glad to see that the idea has been already submitted though! 


This is something that is extremely necessary and useful!


Yes. please!!! It would be super helpful for us!!


That would be perfect for us!!


I need this too, how do I upvote?


Edit: nvm, found a way to upvote.


We would also like to have this feature. It would be helpful if we could limit the same contact filling out forms twice. Now, 1 contact can subscribe to a form multiple times, which we would like to avoid for events and webinars.


We often have the situation that we have events with limited space. Therefore we have to close the landing page when the limit is reached.


I also agree. 

However, I would take it a step further .

I use a form for multiple training classes -- one question is what class would you like to attend (a unique contact property I created), each option from the drop down is set up  with its own workflow which adds the person filling out the form that has selected that class to be added to a specific list (registrants list) for that class. Once this list reach a certain number of people -- I would like that option from the dropdown menu to be hidden. 

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I think this will be a very useful feature for event management especially when customers wish to cap sign ups at a certain limit!

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We have clients that need this functionality critically. Also, it would be ideal for the cap on form submissions to be an acceptable workflow trigger that would switch a LP template from form to text.

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We need this for several clients as well. 

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This is CRITICAL right now as many of our clients run events that are limited in attendance. 


This is a critical need for my organization. The majority of our events have a limited number of spots and we are desperately trying to find a workaround. This seems like it should be a basic function of capturing event registrations and I would imagine most marketing teams using HubSpot would agree with this sentiment. 

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Hi all, 


I managed to implement something similar to this using the HubSpot Analytics API and modifying the embed code. It's not perfect but does the job. You can check out what I did via the link below. I recorded a video walking through the solution and also listed a few points on what to keep in mind. Like I said it's not perfect but it might help someone achieve their goals in the meantime.



The embed code looks something like this (you can also see it if you view the source of the page above):


    portalId: "PORTAL_ID",
    formId: "FORM_ID",
    onFormReady: function($form, e) {
        document.querySelector("[type='submit']").addEventListener("click", function(event) {
            var requestURL = "";
                url: requestURL,
                success: function(result) {
                    var json = JSON.parse(result);
                    if (json.totals.submissions > 10) {
                        $(".formContainer .alert span").html(json.totals.submissions);
                        $(".formContainer .alert").show();
                    } else {
        }, false);



Well, it's been 2 years, and 115 upvotes, so hopefully this will be taken into consideration soon. 🙂


Any news on this? We really need this feature as we have many events with limited number of spots available.