Limit form submission to a certain number


We'd like to be able to disable a form after a certain number of submissions. 

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This is critical. Prioritize the development of this functionality, please.


Please, yes.


Please, please add this feature. Especially in the world of COVID when event sizes are very governmentally regulated, this is so crucial. 


Can't wait for this feature! 👍

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I was looking for a way to do this as well. We need to cap submissions (or better, let others join the waiting list). So instead of the form not allowing more submissions, maybe have an automation that sends the first X number of submissions one email, and the rest another one ("you're on the waiting list").


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Checking in to see if there is a solution for this yet and if so, can it be used for limiting the number of times a field on a dropdown property is selected before being removed as an option?


As far as I know, no.

@hubspot - Get on the ball and get back in touch with us all! Many of us are paying customers who could greatly benefit from this feature. The process by which communications for feature requests, in my experiences, is woefully lacking.


We'd like to see this implemented. It's a low effort, high impact feature request.


Yes and I would love to take that a step further to disable a form after a property has reached a certain number.  If a person submits a form and requests 2 people, that property would calculate sum and close the form when it reaches a capacity.  Similar to how ticket selling works.


I would love to see functionality like this introduced. We're currently planning for an event and due to social distancing/covid restrictions, we have to set capacities on presentation slots contacts can register for, so having an automated process which removes certain properties when they've reached a limit would be really helpful rather than keeping an eye on numbers and manually removing options in the sign up form.

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Commenting on this idea here

This form will be great since it can act like a "booking" form as well capped to a certain number.

Would appreciate this even more if we can have a 1 per IP or 1 per email option for this (:

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It would be especially helpful if this was something that could be both turned on an off as well as used to trigger other actions in the portal. For example in Workflows something like:


Trigger [Action X] when [Form Y] receives [Z number of submissions]. Being able to use the number of submissions across the tool would make this feature immeasureably useful!


To build on this, I would ideally not just want to turn off the form after x amount of submissions. But rather I would want to be able to use this as a trigger in a workflow.


Here's an example with our company. We work with a client that only wants 50 leads on the weekend.  So rather than just turning the form off when 50 submissions occur, in a workflow I'd want to be able to create a few if/then statements.


So it would something like


IF "day of week" (custom property we created) = Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday

THEN go to normal funnel

IF "day of week" = Saturday or Sunday

THEN check if lead form has < 50 submissions for that current day

IF submissions for current day is < 50 THEN normal funnel

IF submissions for current day is > 50 THEN secondary funnel


Not sure if that makes sense, but essentially I'm hoping for something more robust then simply turning on or off a form based on total submissions. 

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Has there been any update/Workaround for this? It is currently way too manual to keep track of a certain number of registrants for an event. 




Yes agreed, would love to see this feature implemented. This allows us to use forms for Events with a certain number of capacity. 


Yes, this is needed asap!


This would a really useful feature - if a form could allocate a number aganst each submission it could them allow for workflows to assign different peronalisations depending on form priority. 


This development would be really useful. I want to use a form on our website for an exclusive mailing list, when it reaches e.g. 1000 subscribers, turn it off. Is this development under construction at all? Thanks


Love it!! Please. please please make this happen!