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Limit form submission to a certain number

We'd like to be able to disable a form after a certain number of submissions. 

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We are looking for a feature to limit submission of a specific form (triggered by a specific URL that includes specific parameters) to only one time (or other variation). Would be great if we could reset this limitation in a workflow too.

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We have a lot of customers using HubSpot for events. These events all have a limit when it comes to participants.

We have to manually keep an eye on the number of participants, which is isn't really working for us or our customers.

We would really need a way of making forms close (showing a text saying the event is full or showing a different form for getting on the reserve list) after a certain amount of submissions. Or when a list reaches a certain number of contacts.

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Agree, limiting submissions is useful. We ran a promotion recently where the customer chose 1 of 4 options to receive free. We had customers who submitted the form 4 times to receive all 4 free. Thankfully, it was for a loyalty program, if it was open to the public, it would have reaked havoc with our budget.


We've also run past promotions, where we accepted only one submission, and had to cull out all the duplicates. We had a thank you message after they submitted, and sent the automated email confirmation, so it wasn't because we didn't notify them that we received the submission like suggests. There were some submissions that had incomplete information, like they were having issues with their computer. Otherwise, it looked intentional.




 This would be a great idea. I would be happy to simply just be able to set a numerical limit on the number of sumissions e.g 25


This would be very useful e.g. for a conference registrations where the number of visitors is limited. We would use this feature quite often. Now we are missing this and we have to come up with different and not very elegant solutions.


I would be really a nice idea! Thanks to that, Hubsot will be able to support us for an event registration or a limited distribution


Great idea!
And indeed very useful one. I hope Hubspot will put it on their roadmap


We would use it  when we're booking training courses with only 10 places. Currently we have to watch submissions and manually switch the page over when we get 10. Apart from the obvious downside to this, we have to be careful how we word the page/form/confirmation email  - we can't confirm they have a place, we have to say 'thanks for registering your interest' - just in case we don't switch the page in time. 

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I really need it!

I hope HubSpot will consider it on the next update 🙂

Also it will be great that Leadflows can be created by some criteria(not only the page option) like smart contents.


I need this desparately! I use form submissions for event registration all the time and have to manually change it to wait list. 


This would be really beneficial for us when organising events for our customers


Yes, please! Having to manually watch submissions when you have limited space for an event is frustrating.


I need this desperately. Is there a work-around?

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Great idea, just run into this problem when creating an event with limited spaces.


For this to work properly, I think it would have to be a custom checkbox field that allowed you to define a limit on the number of contacts that can have the value "yes". That way, you could have a way for attendees to cancel and free up their spot on the list. And if they submited the form more than once because they "weren't sure if their RSVP form went through," they wouldn't take up more than one spot.


I agree with all of the comments above. This is definitely a feature we would like to see in the future too. We're running a referral promotion right now and would like to cap the number of unique user entries to 3x per day, for example. 

Is there a current workaround? 


I agree that this would be super beneficial, I'm currently trying to work out a way to manage each session that has limited availability, so was looking to integrate with a room/session booking software like yarooms, but HubSpot nor Zapier will help with this.


Agreed to all previous comments. I want to be able to cap the number of form submissions. This would be helpful for running the following campaign types through HubSpot:


  • contests
  • event registrations where capacity is limited

We need this badly.