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Let us pick which value to keep when merging records, and merge multiple records at once

As of right now, when merging records, the latest value overwrites the older value. However that is not always accurate! there might be some properties where the older value is true, some where the new value is true


It is especially confusing when you merge more than 2 records together


So a table where properties are rows, and merging records name are colums, and i can pick which value to keep from which record, or even append all values if it is a multiple checkbox would be amazing

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absolutely needed, the way the company merge is currently set up makes this feature pretty much useless. If a duplicate company is created (different domain name) and I want to merge this into an existing customer company, obviously the values in the customer company are older than the ones in the newly created company. 

The feature in its current version forces me to overwrite old (correct) values with newer values that are not relevant.

As a user I would like to choose (if possible for each field which should be the "dominant" value).


However, it would be great to split up these ticket into two, the two issues are not directly related (picking the value vs. merging multiple records).


I'm surprised that it doesnt doesnt work this way.  i came from salesforce and we had the option to choose the resulting value in each field when merging duplicates.  


Yes please!! I'm given the choice of which of two profiles to merge. The system is ALWAYS selecting the wrong information to keep. We are tracking membership. Unfortunately, the system keeps deferring to "Archived" instead of "Active". That throws off everything.


If I can choose the A or B Contact to merge to... it should defer to the infomation that I choose, not some arbitrary date that has nothing to do with anything. 


Any additional update here?


This lack of function leads to many inconsistencies in data hygiene. Surprised it's not more requested.


Salesforce has a great process for merging, 2 columns showing the fields with discrepancy and option to select correct field from each record - Image example attached:


Salesforce merge exampleSalesforce merge example









Hoping this gets added soon from the Hubspot team!


Bringing this back up to the top as it is still an issue. Please @hubspot do something about this.