Let Hubspot set SalesForce Campaign Member Status

When a contact is enrolled from Hubspot into a SalesForce campaign, Hubspot sets the default campaign member status to “responded”, and there is currently no way to change this. We would like to be able to set the campaign member status we want along with the submission, ie “sent”, or any other campaign member status, including custom ones. We would also like to be able to change that status from within Hubspot.

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HubSpot Product Team
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It's possible to do this with HubSpot workflows. Workflows allows setting any active statuses including custom statuses. Learn about using HubSpot workflows with Salesforce campaigns.

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Kevin, I've done this successfully with workflows. If your SF campaign has states such as Registered, Attended, No Show, etc., those options will auto-magically show up in Hubspot in the "set SF campaign" choice in a workflow.  The workflow might be for example: filled out form to register for this webinar, then update named SF campaign to "registered." Later, if another activity occurs that updates the campaign status, then obviously you'll have to ensure you don't overwrite that. So I've done for example a webinar SF child campaign, so I never lose the Attended, No Show status that I can also automatically get from Go To Webinar and that will update too.

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I'd also add that being able to select a SFDC campaign during the import action would be awesome and save a lot of time. Right now we have to import leads from CSV, create (or edit) a worfklow that references the right campaign, manually enroll the contacts you just imported.