Leave pre-recorded voicemails

I would like to be able to pre-record a number of voicemails and select which one to use when I get Voicemail when trying to reach customers. I get voicemail most of the time when reaching out to clients and it would save allot of time and allow me to leave the perfect voicemail every time.

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I was just hunting for a voicemail drop option for HubSpot. I'd love to be able to drop a pre-recorded VM message when I get a VM and be able to move to the next call without waiting.


Workflow would be:

  1. Dial
  2. Hear first second or two of a person's voicemail greeting
  3. Hit button that you want to leave a pre-recorded message (possibly with the ability to select from more than one recording)
  4. Hang up immediately and allow the remainder of the greeting to play and leave the recorded voicemail message after the beep in the background while I dial the next call
  5. Log "voicemail left" with a notation of which message was left in the HubSpot activity log


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Totally agree. We need some sort of VM automation functionality

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I use tellwise. they have that feature. 

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I see that this post is 2 years old... Has there been any consideration to implement drop-in voicemail? 

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This can be a life-saver!

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Dropping in prerecorded voicemails would truly be an effective tool. It saves so much time and energy. There are a lot of other systems out there that have this capability... Love Hubspot so far, would really like to see this tool come to life!

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What other systems are capable of doing this? 

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It would help save a ton of time if we could pre record a voicemail and have a button to click that automatically leaves that recording when we get a voicemail. Phone Burner has this feature which is the only good thing they have. If you could get this on HubSpot it would be AMAZING!

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This is a great idea! We need this ASAP!

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Super Idea!!! We need this for our company yesterday!