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Leads Object/Ownership - Prospecting

It appears that the Leads Object Beta allows for only the record (contact/company) owner to be assigned to the Lead record.

How are people using this for accounts with shared prospecting ownership where either (or both) an AE and SDR may be calling on it?

I see a lot of value where Sales Managers, Ops and AE's themselves could assign Leads to an outbound seller.

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We are running into the same issue. The deals object works great for the sales cycle; which is the goal to keep all sales reps in that object. However, the SDRs and BDRs have no structured selling feature. So, I was so excited about leads. However, now I cannot have the SDRs use it, because I am driving ownership by a workflow to the contact and company owners.


Any solutions?

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Absolutely key - especially where allocation is based on product rather than account/contact ownership


As a partner I work with a lot of clients who will have different sales team reach out to the same contact about different products (e.g. delegate sales for events, sponsorship sales for events and subscription sales for subsciption-based products) and would love to use leads more but for this to work they need to be able to allocate leads to different users, not just contact/company owner.

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Hi everyone

We did a not ideal workaround for this for one of our clients who use BDRs/SDRs, by simply using 3 owner properties on the property we are copying from, since our client has a 'BDR/SDR Responsible Lead Owner Property.

Owner Properties:

  • Company Owner: Can represent anything from Sales, Marketing, CS etc.
  • BDR/SDR Owner: The person who is doing outbound/selling in this context and needs to use leads
  • Temporary owner: A temporary property to contain the owner between switching


  • Enrolls when a lead needs to be created
  • We copy Current Company owner over to Temporay owner
  • We copy BDR/SDR Owner over to Company owner 
  • We create lead with the 'BDR/SDR' as a Company Owner
  • We 're-copy' the Company Owner back.


Hope this helps, again i agree that we need A LOT more functionality but we are working with what we can for our clients who need it!


Lead owner should NOT be tied to contact owner-- we're running into errors integrating this into our existing flow for contact owner where it switched team throughout the lifecycle. I want lead owner to remain separate from that. 


if you have qeustions please reach out, this is an urgent feature in order to fully adopt the Leads Object 


Just responding to hear to emphasize how important this will be for prospecting. Understand you can use contact ownership and lead status on a contact view, but it defeats the purpose of having the prospecting functionality if you can't find leads specific to you within the prospecting tab. Would be great to have lead ownership and the ability to filter more broadly on the prospecting feature.


Additionally, we're using our Hubspot for multiple business units, so not being able to filter by business unit is unhelpful. Thanks! 


Fully agreed!  In some cases, a lead may need to go to someone other than the owner. For example, the lead's owner doesn't have the capacity to take on another lead or the lead's owner is actually a service user, not a salesperson. Having the ability to change leads via the lead record or via workflows would be extremely beneficial.

Specifically, we have different salespeople for different products/services. The owner is not always the same salesperson for the contact or company. 



It seems that treating Leads as a full CRM object in their own right would have made for more fliexibility, ease of understanding, more granular permissions and increased automation possibilities. It's taken a while and a good amount of support from Hubspot people for us to understand this half-way house implementation of an otherwise excellent idea.


Update: this is now in beta! Thank you Hubspot!


Now that this is available, I found a pretty big issue with it - activities and automated stages.


The activities shown on the lead table/record corespond to ANY activity the lead has associated to their contact/company, not just those associated to the lead record.  Meaning if the owner of the contact has activities assigned, you'll see them under the lead record YOU own. Furthermore, ANY email/call to the lead's associated contact/company can trigger the attempting/connected automated lead stages - even if those emails/calls were from someone other than the lead owner. 

Here's a test I did.

- Created 3 leads for the same contact but for different products/services. Our team sells various products and services, so this is common. Each person will take the product/service seperately. 

- These 3 leads had different owners. Myself, and we'll say coworker b and c.

- I asked a member of my service team to send an email to the contact. It changed ALL 3 LEADS to "attempting". Then, the contact responded - it triggered ALL 3 LEADS to go to the "connected" stage. This is NOT good... Suddenly all 3 lead owners would be extremely confused, all because a member of the service team connected via email. 


I reached out to HubSpot and recomended they enable the ability to associate activities to specific leads. I think this will solve the issue. Anyone have a workaround?


The roll out of leads to date has been poorly thought out - why it isn't an object with similar status to other objects in the Hubspot eco-system I don't know. Leads should have a separate property for owner - the same as deals do. At the moment, editing the Contact Owner property changes the lead owner. This is just poor design thinking. As a fairly new user to Hubspot, I regret the moment I enabled the new "leads" functionality without understanding just how beta this is.