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Leaderboard Dashboard Even With "Owned Only" Permissions

Our stores compete with each other so I have permissions set to "Owned Only" so the stores that are close to each other don't try to steal each other's customers. But along with that competition comes the necessity of seeing leaderboards. 

I created a dashboard that shows an "Activity Leaderboard" - showing how actively each store is using Hubspot and logging notes, calls, tasks, emails, etc.  When I view it as Super Admin, I see a nice leaderboard ranking the stores by their activity level. But when I share that dashboard with the stores, they only see their activity.

Data like this should be able to be visible by anyone on the team as the information is generic. The dashboard should just show the activity itself (25 Notes, 15 Emails, 32 Calls, etc) but not link to actual customer data.

This would be extremely useful for our team!


Thank you!