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We are using lead flows extensively and getting great results. However, we notice some flaws in the product. For example: it seems like the form fields cannot be progressive. When someone fills in the lead flow form and later downloads and fills in another form, Hubspot asks the same information instead of the queued questions. Really anoying, because I have now people in the funnel that are ready to buy (high Hubspot Score), but I don't have all the information I need to give to Sales. Seems like it should be easy to make it progressive since Hubspot already has the information from the lead flow and therefore should know what for questions to ask next...


Is this something you guys need to develop yet? Otherwise I would love for other users to give me some feedback so this issue gets more traction,hahaha Smiley Wink

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These progressive fields should also be queued up so that if someone internally fills out a form without cookie tracking can hide fields once e-mail is submitted (inside sales doing progressive profiling) and show other questions or fields that are in the queue on a form.