Lead Scoring criteria folders

There's a lot of attributes involved in a good lead scoring model. In order to not get completely lost, being able to create folders for some criteria would definitely help.

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I agree! I've added a kudo to this similar idea that someone posted in January:



Please add a kudo, too, so that we can band together.

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Absolutely, I just created a similar idea, I am so annoyed that I have to scroll through criteria, folders are a good idea but even just a hide/unhide setting would help. 





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 Is there any update to this?

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One of the real time-consuming pains is to manually add e.g. new offline activities (e.g. every new event) to the detail of list/WF rules.


It would be great if there was a choice in lists/workflows to be able to choose list folders (and also email folders, LP folders, WF folders when we get themSmiley Wink)... then e.g. every time there is a new list offline event contacts, just putting that list in the right folder would be enough to meet the relevant List/WFs rule... without having to go and edit the detail of those Lists/WFs, which unfortunately is not realistic in a distributed organisationSmiley Wink



I am sitting on hundreds of workflows and just shy of a thousand lists - I'm all about the foldersSmiley Wink




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When I purchased your product for my company we left Contactually and were assured that although lists were not available on the Mobile app that we would have it in Q2 of 2018.  Here we are.


I am a desperate woman.  I need to make recruiting calls on the go.  The lists work great from my computer, but when I want to call back someone who attended an event or is in a geographic area from my car or on the go, the lists are crucial to staying in touch and organizing my recruiting.


Did you sales team over-promise?  They have put me and my team in a tough place.  We had faith and trusted you would deliver.  Please help.




Linda O'