Lead Scoring For Website Visits Made Cumulative

For example I want to be able to say anyone who has visited our site more than 7 times in 1 day. Well now they get points for the first time it happens but now I have no way of making this happen agian. There are filters where I can say a day ago however agian they only get the points once. How can I make this re-occuring.

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Yes, I am suffering from the same thing. It's so weird that they use 'ago', that's not how scoring works at all.

We need filters such as visted website 5 times in 1 (or 2,3,4,etc.) Month (or Year). 


Lots of improvement needed on the scoring side. Also in Account Based Marketing, you score companies as well as contacts. It's annoying that you can't set a score property on the company level.