Lead Score option when creating assets


We're, yet again, trying to work with the HubSpot Score for lead scoring and updating our sets. Ignoring the frustrations of scanning through tons of sets (way more than 100), we're finding some assets that got missed because it's an afterthought rather than part of creating the asset. When referring to assets I'm thinking emails, landing pages, blog posts, etc. Not all of our assets are created in HubSpot, but so many are.


It would be AWESOME!!! if assets had an option to add a HubSpot score while you're creating them. For instance, while creating an email, an option under settings maybe called Assign HubSpot Score with a number field. Then we could drop in, say 2 pts or -2pts and voila the HubSpot score would be set without opening Settings, navigating to properties, searching for HubSpot Score, editing by adding a new set. Tricky part is we'd still want access to a complete list of scores to review, export, and edit. Hopefully, more user friendly than the property option we have now.