Lead Page Engagement and Behavior Flow

It would be extremely beneficial if marketers had the the ability to look at a behavior flow of all leads, collectively. A starting page could be chosen, and from there it could show the engagement at a page level of where the individual came as well as what pages were viewed after they left. 


I know in the reporting tool, there is a simple decay function. But that information is rather superficial. There are also other work arounds, but nothing that's as telling as it should be.

Ideally, you would be able to explore and highlight different groups to have a closer look at the traffic betweent one page to another. Additionally you could view dropoffs and bounces. 

Google Analytics a function that is almost identical to what i'm laying out here.

I've attached some images below.

GA x2 exploration.png




GA Behavior Flow.png




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mherschberger Occasional Contributor | Diamond Partner | Certified Trainer
Occasional Contributor | Diamond Partner | Certified Trainer

I love this idea, definitely think it gives more focused or experienced marketers a deeper dive into data that's already being collected by HubSpot but just needs to be visualized in the right manner.

Occasional Contributor

Agreed!  In this regard I feel like GA is far superior to HS.