Lead Flows post-submit redirect

Introduce the ability to redirect a visitor to a page/post after submitting the lead flow form. 


To request the ability to remove the form step from a lead flow completely, please see https://community.hubspot.com/t5/HubSpot-Ideas/A-quot-non-form-quot-option-in-Lead-Flows/idi-p/3330

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We would love to have this feature available, especially because we're unable to use the current lead flows with just 4 form fields - we really need country as a global company to be able to assign leads geographically within the team. Being able to redirect to the usual landing pages would be a walkaround solution for the short term....

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Sorry if my comment seems rude, but I think it's ridiculous that it doesn't work natively like that...


Also, when considering the landing page redirection function, please look a way to integrate it with blog posts tags so you can have an individual CTA but each category of your blog.

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This would be great! We have smart fields for Country and opt-in on all of our forms now and would LOVE to be able to link a lead flow to a landing page instead of having the form there. 

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Need to be able to redirect to a landing page. I would want a Lead Flow popup with just a CTA Button "Start FREE trial" which simlply redirects to my Landing page.

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Couldn't agree more with this. Thank you pages are very important in marketing campaigns so this redirect option (that was available when the product was called Leadin) is much needed.


Even HubSpot agree!!



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I would also love to see the abililty to create a pop-up that does not require registration of any kind to we can promote ungated material, such as PDFs, etc.



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Pretty please?! Smiley Happy

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 I would need that feature ASAP too!

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This would be a great function of the lead flow.


Lead flow pops up, user clicks the CTA button. Next step, they enter their email, click submit, and they get redirected to a Thank You Page, a Landing Page or whatever the case may be.


By having the lead go right into a purchase would be the best contact for us. So having a lead-flow pop-up redirect options would be ideal as a functional option. We can then garner data on what product is resonating with our customers...as well as sales. It expains the data points and keeps it all in one platform.