Lead Flows post-submit redirect

Introduce the ability to redirect a visitor to a page/post after submitting the lead flow form. 


To request the ability to remove the form step from a lead flow completely, please see https://community.hubspot.com/t5/HubSpot-Ideas/A-quot-non-form-quot-option-in-Lead-Flows/idi-p/3330

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I need this too! It's ridiculous you can't create pop-ups which take a visitor to a landing page. 

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This would be ideal!

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Any update on this please?

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Hi everyone,


I thought I would share a  temporary fix my team came up with while they fix this feature.

After someone submits their email to whatever we're offering them, on the Thank You tab, we hyperlinked some text which can either link directly to a download or push them to a new page.Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 10.46.05 AM.png




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Agreed. This would be invaluable to us to be able to present a micro form in the lead flow pop-up, allowing us to capture basic info to initiate workflows, but lead to a smart form with additional fields requested by sales.

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Any update on this as of yet? Dying to have this feature of lead flow!!

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The ability to link a lead flow to a landing page would be incredibly helpful! Is this feature likely to come in the near future?

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This seems like it would be easy for Hubspot to implement.  Something as simple as just asking via the Lead Flows if a CTA would rather to be used. Or another whole section similarly set up as the current Lead Flows but with no form needing to be built to it. Basically Just a simple alert box that can alert customers about a change or feature that is added and can discover more by clicking the CTA.

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So, just recently we had a Lead Flow form that was advertising a webinar for one of our clients. We were hoping to have a feature like this ready in time for the campaign as the goal would have been that when someone's attention is grabbed, and they want more information, they are pushed to either a Landing Page or another page with more information.

What we found is that we got very many FORM views (people clicked the first button and engaged with the lead flow by clicking), but on the next phase when they saw they had to enter their email immediately they got discouraged and most did not fill it in.


So, once again, I voice my support for upgrading the Lead Flow to support redirects.

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: In Beta

This feature is now in beta, should be coming to all accounts in the coming weeks.