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Lead Flows form translation

Currently, only first name, last name, email, and phone number fields are translated in the "Lead Flows" forms. This results in a bad customer experience when clients fill lead flow forms.

That would be great if we could either :

1. Translate by ourselves the fields we use in "Lead Flows" forms, or

2. Get the other fields translated as well (Company name, job title, etc.).


Thanks !

(Please note that this could be solved if we could use Forms from "Contact" tab directly in Lead Flows since custom translation is available in Forms from contact tab.)

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HubSpot Product Team

Hey @SimonM, this is definately in our radar and the plan is to tackle this with our friends in the Contacts world so we can get a more consistent experience between different tools. Stay tuned on this this front!


Hey @vishnu, thanks for the update! I am looking forward to test this feature soon 🙂 When would it be available approximately ? 

Best, Simon

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hi @vishnu, Is there a timeplan for this feature? We can't use the Lead Flow forms right now due to the missing translations. 

Looking forward to your answer.



Are there any updates on this?


Please implement this. It should be a standard feature to translate fields in a Lead Flow Form ...