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It would be very useful if lead flows could be set to trigger based on parameter values. Currently, lead flows will trigger when they match exact URLs or URL fragments using wildcards. However, it appears the Lead Flows does not look at the URL parameters when determining if the URL meets the URL trigger condition.

Consider this scenario; a visitor visits a page with a key conversion form having been referred from a page about a specific event or product. We have on conversion form for all products or events as there are too many to create a unique conversion page for each. We indicate which product or event referred the visitor to our conversion form through a parameter (which we are also using to prepopulate product or event information into the form) e.g.


If lead flows could match against URL parameters and the visitor then went to exit the form page without converting we could pop up a lead flow offering them a guide or brochure about the event or product in question.

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Just trying to do exactly that! Wanted to have a popup for a specific campaign. Hopefully this is added soon.

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@MatthewShepherd, this is something we have considered but its currently in the back-burner. The reasoning is there some complexity involved in implementing this, so we need serious customer demand for this feature to be implemented. Please share your use cases here and we can keep tabs on it!

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We would use this to target utm parameters. E.g. showing a special lead flow to visitors from Adwords.

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I hit this issue too.


In my case it isn't query paramaters but just wildcard matching on the URL Path. Seems like you can only have a single wildcard matching at the end like http://www.example.com/blog/*


But in my case I have URL paths like the ones below and I want to match on http://www.example.com/*turbonomic* but I can't do that.



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I'm right there with you all!


We have a customer that has 29 country domains, each available in English and at least the local language, of course. So it would be amazing if I could just enter part of eg. all French URLs to cover all pages that have a French version, here is an example:




This is part of URLs of some of the pages for Belgium, Swizerland, France and Canada.


It would massively reduce the URLs I have to put in, if we only want to target certain visitors.

Hope to see this setting for the wildcards soon 🙂 



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Being able to trigger on URL parameters (/querystrings) is definitely a need for us. We are going to be managing all of our campaign attribution in SFDC via UTM parameters, and for reasons that I won't go into in too much excruciating detail about here, the way Hubspot currently manages this is going to make it tough for us to scale our tracking and attribution of organic campaign respondents. 


I'm a relatively new Hubspot user coming from the world of Marketo. Hubspot definitely has a lot to offer that Marketo doesn't, but this is one area that Marketo seems superior in (refining the conditions for a trigger activity). I find this particular case especially surprising because Hubspot's out-of-the-box web traffic reports are far more robust and useful than Marketo's (which are basically non-existent) -- and Hubspot's pages are already configured to parse URLs and capture utm parameters, without any custom development. 

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@vishnu We're also looking at triggering leadflows only for specific campaigns using UTMs. This would be a great feature to take it from the back to the front burner!

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Hi all,
I haven't had a chance to properly test this out yet, but it looks like this feature has gone live for Hubspot Lead flows 🙂 

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