Lead Flows Allow Removing reCAPTCHA Code

Working on a Lead Flow for our agency the other day, I was shocked when reCAPTCHA code showed up when I was trying to test it. I have never seen that before. Went back and checked the options, there was nothing to indicate it would show or not show, and in the test out on Lead Flow it doesn't show. So I removed the thank you email, and it disappeared. There is NOTHING written about this on the lead flow documentation. And it is a weird feature. Allow us to remove it please, or tell us why it is being triggered.


Thank you. 


 Lead Flow reCaptcha code.png


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 Yes, yes, yes!!!!  To everything!  The captcha is wayyyyy too cumbersome if all you want is an email address.  If a visitor finds the process difficult or annoying, they won't continue....and I've lost valuable information.  Give us the option to turn it off and on.


Thank you.

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Please remove the captcha for the lead flows.  I don't see anything good that can come from that.  The follow up email is brilliant but I've had to remove it also since I fear the captcha will scare everyone away.

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I agree, this is really frustrating - ran into this with a client last week as well.


Has been around since January, hope they add an option to disable it:


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I am hoping they come up with a simpler way to deal with removing the captcha option in the lead flows.