Lead Flow A/B testing

HubSpot should add the functionality of A/B testing to their email popup system. This is marketing 101 -- testing testing testing. Do you agree?

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I really need it too

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Agreed. This would be a great feature to have and add value to our marketing efforts. 

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I'd like to split test how different forms of pop-up (left slide in, cover the page etc) or change in colour could increase engagement as well as split testing with text.


Any idea when this might get implemented?


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YES. Why there isn't already a feature to A/B test copy, forms, or images on a lead flow is surprising to me. This is the #1 thing marketers should be doing to increase leads.. testing. Please implement this soon. 

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This would be really useful for us as well. 

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Yes, we absolutely need this feature. Hope this is on the list!

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I would like this feature too!

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Yess! We would love to have the ability to A/B test lead flow pop-ups! 

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Requesting this feature, too