Lazy Load CTA Images


Lazy loading images is a great feature, but we currently cannot lazy load image CTAs. We've recently had success with GIF CTAs, but we are hesitant to use them on our top ranking blogs until we can lazy load them for fear of affecting page load time. 

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This is a huge issue right now with Core Web Vitals being a ranking factor for web pages and seems like a pretty simple fix.

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Would be even better if we could lazy-load ALL CTAs, meaning the image isn't requested AND the hbspt.cta.load() function wouldn't fire until a user actually scrolls within a reasonable distance of the instance (this would save a network request as well). I've done this with custom modules before using intersectionObserver, but native functionality would be awesome.

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Mark, belive it or not. I tested lazy laoding the scripts and it didnt affect the page speed overtly.