HubSpot Ideas


Laundry List of Ideas to use within HubSpot

  • Strikethrough everywhere!  Especially in notes.  I can use strikethrough to create this post (the S with the line through it), but in my notes where I keep all of my project notes, I can't.  So when I create a list of items I need to check off, it becomes cumbersome.
    HubSpot Strikethrough.png

  • Ability to export notes to Word or Sheets so they can be printed easier.  Like I mentioned above, we collaborate with the notes in our HubSpot, but when we go out in the field our installers want a hard copy.  I'd love to keep the same formatting and drop it in Word (or Sheets for Google users) and print so they have it in hand if service isn't available.

  • Ability to print notes directly from the browser, if we can't print to Word or Sheets, why not directly from the notes page?  Can that be added to the tool bar? 🖨

  • A more visible tool bar so we can make edits to font/style/size/colors/etc. rather than scroll all the way to the bottom. 😳
  • Auto Save Notes, I've been taken back to the mid-90's beacuse I forgot to hit save and lost all that work 😱💾

  • Ability to Customize Task Types. There's so much more than "To Do", "Call", or Email".  I have meetings, I have texts to send (yes some of our clients prefer text), I have ship, I have more!  📬☎️☑️📲