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Launch HubSpot Academy app for smart devices (android, iOS)

I love learning from HubSpot Academy and can only do so from desktop or smartphone browser. It would be great if HubSpot could create and launch HubSpot learning app, similar to others like LinkedIn Learning, Coursera, edx, etc.


Additional features could include:

- downloadable courses for offline learning. (most of the learning apps have this feature)

- listening to the content in audio format. You could listen to the content while the device is locked. (LinkedIn learning has this feature)


This would help the learners who love to absorb content while doing a house chore, exercising, walking, feeding the baby, etc. 


What do you think?

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I'm sure tons of people have thought about this idea (or maybe not...) before but I personally think it would be a great idea. I think it would be cool to have a mobile app for the HubSpot Academy... Now I get that it might be hard to take the quiz after listening to all the subjects before the quiz at the end of the section, but maybe you can have it set up for the app user to answer a few questions after each mini-lecture instead. I personally would love this! I can go to the gym and listen to some lessons, obliviously someone might get distracted at the gym or when they are listening out and about so they should have a replay feature if you think you didn't quite learn the lesson completely. It does seem like people would download the app... I just typed in "HubSpot" in the search bar and it was the 2nd recommended thing in my search. I know Hubspot already has podcasts so they could also include this in with the app that they already have. I would personally love this idea so I don't have to sit at home more than I already am... especially when I'm still trying to find my full-time job out of college, i don't want to be stuck in my room.


Anyways... that's my idea or somewhat of an idea.. 


- Chase

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Second these ideas! An app would be amazing. As work-life becomes more and more detached from the office this would be a great help.

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YES - this would make it so I don't look so awkward with my laptop rigged to a spin bike! 😂

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Hi all, Thanks as always for your feedback and ideas. We're happy to hear that you're interested in taking your HubSpot Academy training on-the-go! In the past few quarters, we've made a lot of updates to the Academy app to make it scale down for mobile browsers, and we're excited to see mobile usage of the app increase, helping us to learn more about our user's appetite for native mobile apps with offline capabilities. I can't make any promises at this time, but know that we are interested in investigating this opportunity as well. 


Thanks again,

Eric Peters

HubSpot Academy Product Manager

Academy Team

HubSpot Academy is now available on mobile. The HubSpot iOS and Android App now provides access to the HubSpot Academy App and all its resources. Review content, watch videos, and complete quizzes on-demand and on the go. To access HubSpot Academy on mobile, navigate to the "More" menu and click "Academy."


If you have any additional questions or thoughts please let us know! 




Courtney Sembler 

Senior Manager, HubSpot Academy