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Given that there is no "Next upcoming meeting" personalization token, the "Last meeting booked" personalization token should really include both the Time and Date of the meeting, especially given that this is important when it comes to sending internal emails to remind our staff of an upcoming meeting. Alternatively, of course, a "Next upcoming meeting" token could be added. This could also be useful in allowing us to customize our Meeting Reminder Emails that are sent to our Contacts, especially given that the currently available Reminder Email that is accessible through the Meeting options is rather bare bones and does not look very professional at all.

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HubSpot Employee

Great idea!

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Thank you for posting this on my behalf, Jovia. I'm not sure why I was unable to post it, so I hope someone looks into that matter as well...

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Agree! So useful!

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Fab idea, as someone who develops dashboards and MI for a Field sales team this would be very beneficial.