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Last contacted by a specific user filter

I need a way to view the leads who have been recently contacted by a specific user. If a lead comes into contact with my boss, they are high priority and we don't want them slipping through the cracks. If there was a contact filter or active list property for "Last Contacted by _____" that would help a lot. I would also like for this filter to apply only to organic conversations, such as phone calls or personal emails, and not marketing activity. 

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Yes, this would also help me in creating a workflow to reassign leads to the last person that contacted a company after a certain period of time not being worked by its previous owner. 


I agree. I am looking to reassign Contact Ownership based on whoever contacted the person last and this would be extremely helpful to use. We are migrating from an old system where we did not use contact ownership and now we are looking to use it widespread, but this limitation causes issues.


This would be great, as i would like to also understand who has had contact with a user from my team, and cross report this to understand teh effectiveness of the team.


Hi Hubspot,


I agree that many times I need to do filters with user activities independently of ownership.

Today it is impossible to do a view filtered by user activity and not user ownership.

We work as a group and ownership is not the key during selling process.

I strongly recomend this user filter feature.








Any update here from hubspot? 
You have the last contacted filter, shouldn't be too hard to add this 😞 


Let's go HubSpot. We need this!