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Last X days up to yesterday VS. last X days up to today

Currently, filters involving rules like "last X days", excludes today. We need a second version of that filter that includes today.


Use case: I want to track the activity of my Sales Reps, I build a report and I want to see how is the activity over 30 days including today: currently, I can't. I can either show "last 30 days" (in which case I will not see today) or "this month" (in which case as the beginning of each month I will not see how we were doing the week before).


Example: Adwords (an many other systems) has those 2 options (see below)

There were some conversations on the forum on how to achieve what this feature would do (see here)





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April 13, 2020 03:26 PM

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We need exactly the same feature. To be able to see results including "today" in the "last X days" filter.




Same on my side, the feature is needed to improve working with HubSpot.

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Our team would find this feature really useful too.


We'd also like to be able to select a filter such as deal closing date "is before today" as an option rather than having to manually select and update the date every day.

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Agree with the above. It would be great to have these filters in the list filters too e.g. contacts/deals lists and not only in the report filters

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This is critical to making sure we are operating our business in real time and not a day late.


Yes, please. 


We have dashboards with activities for our reps and at the end of the day we want to see activity for the week so far. but if you have a dashboard / report filtered on "last 7 days" - today is excluded. It's rather unituitive that it's excluding today. 


+1 Would be a great addition.


Yes please, we need that.


This is a really basic functionality, I can honestly say that I'm suprised that this has not been resolved yet.


+1 for this functionality. I am trying to build a saved filter for my team that shows them contacts assigned to them in the "Last 7 days." I'd prefer that include today, but there's no way to do that.


The work-around to use "This Week" or "This Month" isn't preferrable because that filter is very short when we're at the start of the week or month.


Honestly, what I'd really prefer is for there to just be a "Custom" filter option where I can drop in custom boolean logic and relative dates like what is possible in Salesforce's reporting.

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In standard reporting, give me an OR option at least: Last 30 Days (excluding today) or Today


Using the API and Service tooling HS offers, we're trying to keep track of Contacts who load pages within our SaaS platform by setting a customer Contact Property (Date Last Seen) as today's date. This way, we can report back MAUs by looking at Date Last Seen less than 31 days ago.

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Would like to see this as a "checkbox" option. Include today (yes or no).


Is there an ETA on this feature? 




How is this not a thing already? So basic.


Any updates on this? 😀 @dmastin 


Any updates? This functionality is so basic - if you use to have weekly sales meeting, you always have to generate two reports....


I'm amazed this isn't how this filter works already - ask any rep, or anyone running a team or leading ops if they want to see data from today included in your rolling "last x days" report and not a single person will say no. This is a no-brainer in how a rolling date range filter should function. 


All my salespeople are surprised that "last 14 days" does not include today.

Why not? It is weird.


In general, the date filters available are inconsistenct across single vs custom reporting, lists, and workflows. It would be great if all date filter options were available across all functions, and if there was a clearer sense of what "Rolling Dates" means vs "Less than X days Ago" etc. Also, the fact that the backend uses a datetime feature while the date picker in the front end does not, really throws things off the "Less than X days ago" date filter.