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Last Webinar property

Can we have a Last Registered Webinar/Webinar Date (and an accompanying Last Attended Webinar) property that will store the last registered/attended webinar information for a contact?


This information can come from Gotowebinar or Zoom.


For me personally, it's OK to have this property to be overwritten. I would find this useful for notification workflows (natively via Hubspot workflows, OR via a 3rd party took like Zapier)

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This would be very helpful. We're trying to automate NPS surveys after webinars and we'd like to pass the last webinar name through to the survey. 


While thes "Last registered Zoom webinar" was added - it should export or show the webinar independent of how they registered. Currently it is only for webinars that are registered for a workflow, not if they registered via Zoom. 


The data is show if you look at the person's record but I cannot see the detial on the export. 


We didn't have this issue with GoTo meeting integration. It would pull over the webinar id, connect it to the contact, and send the corresponding follow up action that was created in the workflow. 


To have someone open an email, then click on a landing page link, then fill out a form only to THEN be enrolled in a workflow that includes "Add contact to Zoom Webinar" in order for the webinar ID to populate is incredibly frustrating. WAY too many steps involved for all parties.


If all other Zoom webinar information can sync over for a contact (i.e. Average Zoom webinar attendance duration; Total number of Zoom webinar registrations; Total number of Zoom webinars attended) then why can't the corresponding webinar ID sync over as well? Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 12.12.20 PM.pngScreen Shot 2020-07-28 at 12.12.56 PM.png


Any update on when/if a property can be added for last Webinar attended?