Last NPS comment should be cleared with each new answer

Hey everyone, so I really think this should be a native function of the Services Hub. Anyway, my issue is with NPS comments staying even when the customer answered a new NPS comment, with a new score. Check out the example below:

last nps example.pnglast nps example 2.png

The example above shows that HubSpot keeps the comment even though it belongs to the previous survey that he answered. So if I want to automate some stuff using the fact that he did not comment on what improved, like sending an email under the CSM name asking for detailed feedback (like we do), it won't meet the criteria. I will use workflow to get a workaround for this. I think the NPS tool overall could use further improvement! But don't get me wrong, pretty good so far Smiley Wink

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Just found out I can't clear NPS comment. Now this is a real bummer...