Last Activity Rolling Date


I'd like to create 3 lists showing contacts who have not been contacted for the 30+ days, 60+ days or 90+ days. This would be extremely useful for our sales team to ensure they are reaching out to their contacts regularly.

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This would be a massive help! An example use case is: showing contacts who have been contacted more than 30 days ago, but only by certain people. In this case, we can't use the Last Contacted property, because it will not take into account the date range (ie. it will look for people who have not been contacted in the last 30 days AND people who have been contacted by the selected reps - at any point; not necessarily in that date range).


Since activity dates don't have rolling filters, the only way to maintain this is to manually update the date range every so often. And, although this can be done in Reports, this doesn't solve for API integrations to other systems (where we need the contacts in a continually updating smart list in order to sync over).