Landing page templates lockdown modules allowed to be used


As the title states, it would be awesome to have the ability to limit what module options are available to be used for Drag and Drop, or Flexible areas on a landing page. As a developer to be able to lockdown what modules can be used by marketers when they are using that template to make pages.


Internal process documentation helps with this. However in our experience process docs don't always sufficiently help avoid the problem of people placing modules onto pages that are not built to be on. Nor do we as a Hubspot partner working on client portals often have real control over the assets(example: fun modules purchased from hubspot marketplace) that exist in a client portal.


Because of things like this, having the ability on the template level to allow, or disallow any number of custom modules or modules would be awesome! Especially in the age of Hubspot Marketplace, results in portals with tons of custom modules that often times will only properly display as intended on a specific template.