Landing page on-page SEO, CTAs not needed

When I am on the optimization tab of a landing page, it tells me that the page has a problem with the calls the action.

Landing pages should not have a CTA. It has a form.

Can the optimization tab be made smart enough to know that a CTA is not needed if there is a form on the page?

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I have also encountered this but offer a different solution - instead of removing CTAs from Landing Page on-page SEO, why not allow the form submission button to read as a CTA? We have this issue across our website as well - if there is a form, the button should automatically count as a CTA - if others don't want this, there could be a setting in the form such as "make submit button CTA for SEO tracking"


I really value the on-page SEO features and would like to see them enhanced, not avoided due to this issue.