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Lacking tax functionality in payments

I have been reading support articles from 2020 to 2023 about adding a Tax functionality to Hubspot Payments. I am specifically looking at Payment Links. While you can manually add a fees and taxes as individual line items, there is no help in calculation, manual or automatic. 


For small startups and SMBs this would be an immense value add and increase overall Hubspot engagement and usage. 

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automating taxes would be a huge time saver!


Sales tax in the US is ridiculous. Depending on who you are, where you are, what you sell, and to whom, you can be expected to collect something different at the state, metro, or even county level. And the laws also change all the time. I don't expect hubspot to build a solution that tracks this themselves, but what should be built is a bridge to vendors like Avalera, TaxJar, and Vertex for some kind of integration.


Other threads on this have popped up in this forum before, e.g.: hereherehere .


 Sales Tax districtsSales Tax districts


This should include
- VAT for every recuring payment, not only the first time
- determining right VAT depending on type of service and location of the buyer (similar to Stripe)