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I think we need more reporting capabilities with the KB, analytics. Like visuals, graphs over time, sources, click rates. We activated the knowledgebase at the same time as we activated a chatbot. I have reached out to support multiple times due the poor reporting capabilities. I think the KB dashboard is fine and all but could be better. It would be a bit better if we could at least export the data to create reports outside of hubspot without a huge hassle. The KB is such a nice and exiting feature the fact we have to jump through so many hoops to share the data is a bit disturbing.



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From my customer today. They have 105 articles and only a couple of reports possible. 



Hi Rebecca,


Well, the Knowledgebase has been deployed to all customers.  Looks like we have had some people using, but it’s hard to tell because we did do testing right after the deployment.


We are going to start looking at the stats available in HubSpot, and I have a few questions.


  • Is the information on the INSIGHTS page exportable? 
  • Do we have the ability to create a customized dashboard?
  • Any other tips/tricks on using the data?


Any information would be helpful!


Our team could greatly benefit from this! We're currently doing some in-depth restructuring of our Knowledge Base structures and are interested in developing more thorough reporting metrics that we can use to analyze how effective our changes are. Namely:

  • Exportable or data that we can play with in the Report Builder pertaining to Helpfulness score
    • Helpfulness score over time
  • Ability to see quantities of things such as search terms with no results
  • Ability to see search terms over time
  • Ability to see logged-in users and which articles they are currently reading

This would be super beneficial for us to see and we would greatly appreciate it!


Very good point ^^ Agreed!

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Just adding on to this thread, I'm working with a customer who has also enquired about the ability to export KB insights reports (see here). It would be great if we could have this feature in-app.


Our team would love to export the tables displayed in the "insights" tab.

It would be msot beneficial to us, to be able to export  

  • Article Health
  • Search terms with no result
  • most searched terms

as a .csv file or similar, for further analyzes - the insights tab is nice, but too teadious to accurately work with.