Knowledge Base doesn't support tables

We have a number of guides and mapping type documents which are better documented using a table structure.  It doesn't appear there's any way to add a table to a kb article.

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I just ran into the same issue.  Would be nice if there was a table editor or have the ability to enter plain HTML (lol...Hubspot Community even has a HTML editor)

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I completely agree. I really need to be able to enter plain HTML. Not only would this give me the ability to add tables, but also linked images, CTAs, more font styles, etc. 

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Agree! Having the possibility to add a list with information would help us a lot! (or plain HTML enabling this function)

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I am currently trying to transfer my companies KB from Zendesk to HubSpot. Having run the import all seemed fine, until I went to edit an article. I have found that the options available in HubSpot are very basic compared to Zendesk. Please add the facility for tables and HTML editor so we can add style to our knowledgebase.


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Add tables to Hubspot KB