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Hey team,


While adding pictures into the articles of the Knowledge Base, they look a bit small, since they can only take the full width of the article. For landscape orientation images that might not look big enough.


It would be great if there would be an option to click the image and then would pop-up bigger on the screen (with a dark background for example) or another way in which you could see the image or screenshot in more detail.


For tutorial articles, where we include screenshots that would make it easier for the user to have a closer look, especially when there is a lot of information in there. 


We had several people asking us whether there's a way to zoom-in, as they had difficulty reading it (due to the limited max-width frame).


Hope it can be considered as a coming feature.


Thank you!

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Would be very valuable functionality!  We are now adding the file link to the image, but it's not a great user experience since the image opens in another window. Upvoted this idea!