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Knowledge Base - Manually add related articles

The Service Hub Knowlege Base has a functionality to automatically add related articles to an article. It would be very useful to have a functionality to manually add related articles to a knowledge base article. In other words: When you edit an article, you can manually select related articles. 


For our company this is important because for some articles we want to show certain related articles. So in a best case scenario, both features are combined: Related articles are automatically added, but there is an option to select certain articles that will be forced to show in related articles list. 

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Totally agree!


Thirded! Any update on this?  The articles it tends to display may as well be random as it currently is. 


I agree, and even to learn how the system determines the articles it selects to be "related" would he helpful - can you gve us the logic behind the algorithm? Some of the articles shown are somewhat random and not always relevant to the main article above.


Does it pick them on keyword tags? The text tells us "To add a related articles section at the bottom of every article, click to toggle the Related articles switch on. This section will contain articles with similar content to the current article. Related articles are automatically adjusted based on visitor attributes and article performance." So how does the system determine what is "similar content" and how is this "adjusted based on visitor attributes and article performance."


Can we, as knowledge base writers/managers, influence the articles that are displayed in this "related" section somehow? e.g. by adding more tags etc? 

What does "visitor attributes? mean, and how can that influence the selection?