Knowledge Base Header: Editing menu items & logo improvements


These suggestions are nice to have's so we have more flexibility and choice with our knowledgebase header menu.

  1. Remove mandatory KB name and URL

    Our KB name can be explained through other means, i.e. banner or logo. Any header menu items should be optional, or at least let me change the KB name URL to anything I want, and then just rename those edit fields to something more generic.

  2. I would prefer to just link my logo to the KB home page, but then the mandatory KB name link is superfluous because it's currently hardcoded. It would be nice to have a clean header or the option to have that and add menu items later on.

  3. I'm seeing an issue with leaving the logo URL blank. Sometimes when I click on the logo it refreshes the page, but if there's no URL then I would not like the logo to be clickable as it is now. However, very often when I click on the logo in this state I'll get a blank white page and the URL reads "about:blank#blocked"