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We have articles that fall into more than one category and because we cannot tag more than one category we have to duplicate the article instead. This will mean when someone searches the article in the search bar it will show up multiple times... not ideal. We would love to see the option to categorize an article to more than one category.


Any plan to add this feature in the near future? We are building out our knowledge base now and if we don't have to duplicate all the articles that would be extremely helpful to know if this is in the pipeline and has an ETA.





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I would definitely use this feature if it was implemented! 

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We need this feauture as well!

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This one to me is essential.  We have our Knowledge Base broken out by different product lines and we end up having to put joint product information in two categories and create two articles.


We also have videos and other media types that we would like to have under the correct product line and in a video section to where people can see all of the available videos in one space.


Big Upvote from me