Knowledge Base - Add Search Filters

The knowledge base search needs one of:

  • The ability to create pre-built lists of metadata tags, and then add those metadata tags to articles, and then be able to filter your search based on those metatags.  For example, I should be able to add a tag for the article type, such as a how to, conceptual or troubleshooting, or a tag for the product, or even product feature or type of action (such as searching, creating, editing, deleting, etc.)
  • A radically reworked article categories/subcategories system that enables the author to to further customize their categories to include metadata

My company supports multiple products, many of which have overlapping functionality but are intended for different end users.  This requires that I generate separate articles targeted at the different end users for each product.


The problem is, your search functionality always searches the entire knowledge base.  So, if I have an article on how to create a user profile for both product A and product B, how will an end user tell the difference between the two articles?


Currently, my (totally inelegant) solution is to add the product name into each article title, thus exponentially increasing the length of each title.  I also have created subcategories that awkwardly sub-divide the product by actions you can take.But this is just a bandaid solution and is not scalable or sustainable.  


Tagging articles will work to an extent, but we should give end users the ability to further refine their searches with filters and help them find the information they want easily and reliably.